Canada day 12

Off on a new adventure, this time together with my In-laws. We’re off to the U.S to do some shopping, see the sights and visit Boothbay Harbor (one of their favorite stops) for the 4th of July.

We were off on the winding roads of Quebec after breakfast, wheels up at around 9.30 a.m. From us it was about 9 km to Vermont and 108 km to New Hampshire.

We turned of Road 10 towards Magog and then on to Coaticook where we bought coffee and some Timbits. We brought the with us along he road to a really pretty rest stop close by the border, Hareford/Canan (on the U.S side). The rolling hills in this area are tremendous -what a view.

We crossed into Vermont, US and started to make our way to the first goal of the day, The town of Errol and the store Toys for Big Boys and Girls. A sporting goods, hunting, all-in-all store filled to the brim with stuff. But first we witnessed 4th of July parade (they had it today since the fourth is a Monday). It’s a cool feeling to see such an American staple…

After a few hours in the store, Andy’s I-WANT was hurting soooooo bad…He couldn’t buy any of the guns or amunition, but he really wanted to…. I felt so bad for him since he was like a kid in a candy store, all the things he wanted for great prices but no way of buying them…

We bought some Subway sandwiches with us and had a pique-nique lunch along a river in the 13 mile woods area.

Then we started our drive to the second goal ofthe day, the highest peak in the northwestern U.S, Mt. Washington -also “The home of the worlds worst weather”.

The mountain is actually part of the Apalachian mountains and the suummit, Adjeakatchuck is over 1917 m high. There is a around 12 km road (autoroad) winding up the mountain side and at times it is really steep along the edges… More than one scream came out of my mouth on the way up and down.

Once up almost at the top one parks the car and walkes the couple of meters to the top, where the view over the world below is breathtaking. Unfortunetly the clouds kept on rolling in so we didn’t see all the way around but since the weather changed every few minutes we didn’t have to wait to long to see other parts of the mountain side. It was quite chilli up there though and the wind was very strong…

After Mt. washington we decided it was time to get to our hotel. The hotell was in North Conway, also a favorite spot of my In-laws. The North Conway Mountain Inn is a lovely inn with all the neccessary facilities. One great thing is that the rooms have balconys that look out onto a great view. We got settled and had a pre dinner drink with the In-laws in the sunset.

We decided to have dinner at The Homestead Restaurant. The In-laws had previously eaten there and liked it.

Andy ordered the Homemade “potato chips” nachos – hand sliced potato chips, topped with Monteray Jack and cheddar cheese, served with sour cream and salsa as an appetizer.

I ordered the Jalapeno poppers stuffed with cream cheese.

The In-laws shared some garlic bread.

For entre I just had to try the Tijuana chicken and shrimp – boneless breast of chicken and shrip sauteed with peppers, onion, mushroom, tomatoes and black olives. Finished with a tequila BBQ sauce, served over rice. It seemed fun with the tequila BBQ sauce and it sure was! Yum – it was kind of like a ragu with chicken…

Andy ordered a Steak with french fries.

The In-laws both chose the Lobster fettuccine – lobster meat sauteed with fresh basil and topped with Parmesan and romano cheese. They had had it before and when it came in I almist regretted taking my food. It was really delicious with the lobsters and the cheeses.

After a beautiful dinner, we were stuffed, and went back home and sat in the balcony for a while before we decided to have an early morning with breakfast at Peach’s at 7 a.m. Long day awaits….

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