Gotland 2010 – day 1

We had previously decided that Thursday was going to be a stress free day – where we could pack up the final things for our 2 week vacation. We’d make sure everything was good with Harmy (the RV), check all the packing and in a stress free manor start going north towards House #1 to check that everything was ok with the house and with little brother.

Unfortunetly we didn’t really have a stress free morning since something always comes up. This time we found an ant infestation in the house, that needed to be taken care of. Although it was a completly amazing summers day, with lots of sun and warmth.

We set of around 10:30 towards Söderköping so that Andy could fix some stuff, hunting stuff, before we got going on our vacation. And since Andy was actually working on Thursday some work had to be done. While he was working, I changed the indicator bulbs on Harmy. Yes, you read right, I changed Harmy’s lightbulbs in the back bumper. I felt kinda proud =)

We were going to get some breakfast/brunch in Söderköping but when we got going it was already time for lunch, so we went to Norrköping and had some lunch at Leons.

After lunch, we started the trip to House #1 and when we got there we started to pack the stuff that we needed from there and made sure that Little Brother was alive and well.

Then we started our journey to Nynäshamn and to the ferry terminal for the ferry to Gotland. But first we stopped of at Coop FOrum for some groceries, Systembolaget for some drinks and Subway for some dinner for the ferry. And then Andy checked his watch, which was almost exactly 5 p.m. – which meant we were officially on VACATION!

On the way to Nynäshamn we stopped and took two caches, Oljeberget and Nynäs Havsbad, that we passed along the way. Then we went down to the ferry terminal and stood in line for the ferry. It was about 2 ½ hours till boardning, but we were let in early and the ferry left about 30 minutes before departure time, at 9 p.m.

We had booked seats in the front lounge so that we could get some rest on the ferry. And I managed to sleep an hour or two on the ride over, but Andy mostly read and took care of our stuff. I’m a complete reck when it comes to sleeping and waking up when I’m still tired, so I wasn’t to pleasant when we got of the boat at midnight. But we managed to find a spot, on the outskirts of Visby (Gotlands capital) to take night and sleep.

Du kanske också gillar…