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Rulle’s 50th Birthday Party

I hope my Uncle Rulle had a really nice time at his Birthday party. I know that he previously didn’t want to celebrate but since we had somewhat of a surprise party for him and inviting all of his friends – I think he had a great time. Since I usually don’t put out any pictures of my family or friends, for privacy reasons, I’ll be showing you the enormous buffé table we cooked up.

When the guests arrived we served amuse-bouche with Champagne, Piper-Heidsleck to be exact.

The amuse-bouche were new potatoes with Swedish herring and sour cream and chives as well as small crackers with black olive tapenade as well as freshly baked rolls (baked by my aunt Bibbi).

The buffé table in all it’s glory =)

I made a couple of savory pies – this one was a shrimp and dill pie.

Mom made lots of Egyptian specialities since my uncle loves Egyptian food. These are “betingan-bil-tamatem” or fried eggplant with a tomato salsa.

Saffron pasta salad with kalamata olives, sun dried tomatoes and lots of other goodies, made by Bibbi.

My second pie with mushrooms.

A potato salad with walnuts and other goodies, make by Bibbi.

My third pie – a broccoli and blue cheese pie.

Bibbi baked several filled bread with lots of goodies such as sun dried tomatoes, olives and feta cheese and one with pesto.

My moms tahina – another Egyptian side dish made from sesame seeds.

Mom’s Babaganough – an eggplant and tahina side dish.

Mom’s bell pepper, sunflower seeds and olive side dish.

Mom’s Chick peas and cumin side dish.

Grilled chicken fillets – grilled by my Uncle Ulf and Dad.

Grilled lamb fillets and corn on the cob.

The BBQs and the BBQ-masters

A green salad.

And then came the deserts. Fruits – Swedish strawberries, pine apple, grapes and kiwi.

Desert cheeses with crackers.

Bibbi’s beautiful Chocolate Cake with a chocolate truffle.

I missed photographing my Strawberry mousse cake – unfortunetly – but it wasn’t too pretty but it tasted good.

Mom’s nuts and coconut cake.

Mom’s Cinnamon and Sour Cream cake.

I probably missed to photograph a couple of more things. A just have to tell you though, that the food was amazing and everyone there was stuffed to the limit and then some. The food was brilliant as always! My family has two very amazing cooks – my aunt Bibbi and my Mom – my grandmother was also brilliant in the kitchen but unfortunetly she passed away some 12 years ago. Thank you Bibbi and Mom, as well as the brilliant BBQ-masters Ulf and Dad for all the help with the food =) 

It was really a great party and I hope the Birthday boy was pleased! Thank you all who came to help us celebrate him and I hope you all had a great time!

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