Mono-Use Monday: Dough-nu-matic

And it’s Monday again…

This weeks MU product is a Dough-nu-matic, a doughnut maker from SkyMall. It automatically forms, fries and drains mini-doughnuts in 50 seconds. Clean-up is supposed to be easy and the frying is enclosed so no burning yourself on the oil.

The concept is good right, for someone who loves doughnuts and eats them everyday, but have you seen the size of the machine? 14″ H x 22 4/5″ W x 6 9/10″ D or 36 cm * 58 cm * 18 cm. That is the size of a small microwave oven – to bring forth every time you want a doughnut. And the machine only does one thing – makes doughnuts.

If I were to say what I think, firstly you shouldn’t be eating that many doughnuts so that you need your own machine, secondly this is just one of those gadget that you might use once but it stays in your cubboard and thirdly store bought doughnuts are way much better than this could ever be.

Product reviews:
Cooker from Florida – “I am satisfied with my purchase, however I have only used it once. I have apparently not got the right consistancy to the dough because it just dropped out in pieces. If I made it stiffer, it wouldn’t drop out. If I could get that taken care of, I would enjoy it.”

Sourin5150 – “It’s great for parties and get-togethers. Doesn’t require a lot of supervision as it makes the donuts. Sometimes the donuts don’t flip over and you have to be there to do it, but basically it’s all automatic. Clean up can be a little messy if you’re not careful.”

Sammy from Alabama – “While my family had fun initially, I would not recommend this product. It took forever (way longer than the advertised 50 sec) to make enough donuts for everyone to try one. The donuts tasted OK, but nothing like what we expected. There was a lot of clean-up as well.”

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