Pottery Barn

The Pottery Barn has some amazing things that I’d love to have in a future home. Going through their online catalogue I realized I pretty much liked each “room” that they had set up. Doesn’t this mean I should be institutionalized? Yeah, probably.

There were a couple of pieces and ideas that I really liked. And I thought I would share them with you. As you might realize I really like large dark wooded furniture, rather a very “cigar-room” feel than anything else. But at the same time I want white clean spaces and no clutter. So it is hard to combine these two styles, but I think Pottery Barn shows that it can be done, and not to difficulty.

For example this chest, Emmett Trunk, used as a coffee table, made in darkened birch wood. I love the rustic, “cigar-room” feel to it, and I think it goes very well with the white sofa in the background. The possibility to open the chest/trunk also makes it very interesting, 1. because of storage (Yes, I do love my storage) 2. For easy cleaning when company come with short notice, just shove everything into the trunk and it will look much cleaner. The chest will set you back about $699.

Another great coffee table is this, Charter Coffee Table, in solid mahogany wood with drawers for, yes you guessed it, smart storage 🙂 I like the fact that it is very low and that it has this beautiful dark wood. The color is called Espresso stain, and that just makes me dream about this dark warm mully place where all the furniture is the same beautiful dark brown. Unfortunately this only has 7 drawers and not 14 as I would like it to have, meaning that you have drawers on both sides. This will also cost you $699.

This cabinet system, Miller Modular Storage, is truly an act of genius. I love the fact that there are several cubbies for different things, such as an x cubby for whine bottles. Very Cool! Obviously you can create the shelving system the way you want it. I love that the shelves are black, but obviously they would look great in some other dark wood. I’d love to have this shelving system in my dining room or in a kitchen, however if i would have it in a kitchen I wouldn’t want it in a dark color, but I would like to have it in white. I want my kitchen white. Yeah, I have strange ideas I know 🙂 The cupboards at the bottom are great also, but I would probably like to have some cupboards on up at the top too. You can never have too much storage you know 🙂 Can be made in pine or birch and costs, as it is in the picture above, $7000.

As long as we are in the dining room, I’d like to show this beautiful dining room table, Fransisco Dining Table, a squared table in a black, mahogany or white wood. The table sits 8 people, but can be extended so that it will seat 12. I would like to have chairs similar to the ones on the picture or dark colored chairs, same color as the table obviously, with seats in leather, somewhat lighter than the wood. I would also like to that this table, in white, in the kitchen, with a kitchen sofa, it would be the perfect place to have a lovely country breakfast with that family. The table costs $999.

I’m sure all of you would like to have this furniture too 🙂 Its pretty isn’t it 🙂

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