Mono-use Monday: Pb mixer

I’m a avid believer in having only things that have several uses in my house, that said, no objects with “mono-use” or single uses.

It is something that Andy and I have started working on together, to make sure that we don’t have a bunch of stuff that just stands around, except for twice a year.

An example of this is Christmas “snaps” glass, garlic press, ice cream maker… you get my drift…

Before buying an object I always ask myself a couple of questions:
1. Do I really need this?
2. Does it have several purposes/uses?
3. Do I have anything that can be used for the same purpose?
4. Will it make my life so much better so that it will outweigh the hassle of having it standing around?

Browsing the Internet I’ve found lots and lots of these objects and as a small continuous project on the blog I thought I would share them with you on Mondays, and call it “Mono-use Mondays”.

First out: Peanut Butter Mixer

So the idea is, once you open a jar of pb, you remove the old lid and put this one on instead. Then next time you use the pb, you whisk it around a couple of times, and the pb is fresher and more gooey, instead of separated and oiley.

Well, I can’t really see any kind of use for this gadget since it is just as easy if not easier to use a knife
1. you can see what’s actually going on in the jar,
2. cause you only have one utensil to clean and,
3. cause it’ll cost you $10.00 for the same thing that a already owned knife can do.

Reading up on this gadget it seems to me that apparently the pb always separates, but I’ve never seen that? I don’t know if it’s cause I always store my pb in the fridge or that Skippy’s doesn’t separate.
Anyways, a Peanut butter mixer seems like a really “mono-use” gadget. It will never enter my house…

Du kanske också gillar…