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Chicken Curry

A month and a half ago we spent 1 week in the Swedish Alps. It’s one of my finances family traditions and for the last 3 years I have gone with them. It has opened my eyes to one of my new favorite pass times, snow mobiling. Driving around in 100 km/hour with the most amazing landscape whizzing by and holding on tight to the love of my life – that is what I call Life.

This year, unfortunately my  parents-in-law to be, became ill on a trip to Canada and were unable to come with us to the Alps. (They were ill for about 6 weeks, where by staying in bed for about 4). So therefor we, my finance Andy, his brother Daniel and I went up to the rented cabin and enjoyed ourself to the best of our own ability.

One night for dinner I whipped up a  Chicken Curry that I thought was really quite good for a first time curry maker. Following a recipe isn’t really my thing, so I invented some as I went along. 

Chicken Curry á la Karoleen

  • 2 chicken fillets
  • 1 leek
  • 1 yellow onion
  • 2 1/2 dl half-and-half (ex. matlagningsgrädde)
  • paprika powder
  • cayenne pepper
  • curry powder
  • 1 tomato
  • olive oil to fry with

    Cut the fillets into bite size pieces. Fry these in some olive oil. At the same time, chop the leek and onions, (keep some of the green parts of the leek for decorations) and fry them transparent in some oil.

    Season the onion mix with paprika, cayenne and curry – quite a bit – unsure about the amounts but I tasted my way. Add about 1 dl water or milk and let the onions cook. When the liquid is gone, add the half-and-half and leave to simmer for a couple of minutes.

    Add the chicken when its almost done. Let it simmer till the chicken is done. Add more liquid – such as milk or more half-and-half – if it isn’t saucy enough for you, I like sauce but that is me.

    Dice the tomato and sprinkle together with the left over leaks. I served it with oven baked rosemary seasoned potato wedges, but I’m pretty sure that it is just as good with rice or bulgur.

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