There is this Danish company, Bloggerwave, who connect blogers and companies who want to market their products via the Internet and blogs. As a blogger you are given “assignments” that you chose to or not to write about.
Right at this moment they are looking for Swedish blogers (Svenska bloggers). If you do chose the assignment you are given a small amount of money as a thank you. It doesn’t matter if you write in English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegien, Italian, French or Spanish and if you have several blogs they may or may not all be approved.

The amount of assinments you get depends on how many assinments there are and your blog.

I think its a great idea, cause I don’t really mind marketing product that I believe in or might want to use, and since you are able to choose – you don’t have to write about anything you do not like.

So if you are interested, give them a look.

Feel free to “borrow” texts and pictures, please let me know and link back here. Contact me at

Du kanske också gillar…