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Jag hittade en väldigt trevlig webshop – Cox & Cox – som har
så otroligt mycket söta detaljer. Jag är egentligen ganska strikt och simpel av
mig inredningsmässigt. Det ska vara classiskt och gärna i bas färger, men sen
så har man många detaljer för att fixa färgerna. På den här webshopen finns det
bägge delarna – väl värd att besöka.

 Sophie Conran
Pouring Bowl

This smart pouring bowl is beautifully designed and
practical, too. As good-looking on the dining table as it is in the kitchen, it
is ideal for sauces and dressings, as well as for dips. Pretty enough to keep
on the table as a small fruit bowl.

 Sophie Conran Casserole – £ 46
Conran for Portmeirion and exquisitely wrapped, this small, versatile
is both stylish and functional,
being oven, hob and microwave proof. An attractive addition to any kitchen, or
indeed dining table, it offers capacity for 4 1/2 pints.

Olive Oil Dipping
– £20.00
This ceramic dish captured our hearts. It’s simple
and chic – dip bread or steamed vegetables into flavoured olive oil for a
lovely opening to a meal. Perfect wedding present. Handmade using traditional
methods in Italy.

Brown Sugar Hearts – £18.00
We lost our hearts to these decorative sugar cubes
with cut-out sections, all ready to perch on the rim of your coffee cup.
Fantastic for bridal and baby showers, any special party, or simply as a small
treat for every day – your chance to be the hostess with the mostest! 

 Cardboard Favour Boxes – £32.00
large round cardboard box containing
50 smaller
is a
fantastic way of customising your own wedding favours. Whatever your wedding
style, simply select ribbons, flowers or sequins to decorate individual boxes.
They can even be painted or stamped, so just use your imagination!

Snowflake Cookie Cutters – £12.00

bestseller, these festive

cutters make biscuits that you can package into great presents or hang on the
Five assorted cutters in the tin.

Mycket fint finns det! 🙂

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