Visum revisited

I miss having an animal of my own.  I’m an animal person, I’ve always had animals and now I don’t, and I miss it really bad. Last summer we were fortunate enough to be sitters for a german shepard named Visum (pictured). It reminded me of how much I miss curling up in the couch with my animals and just enjoying their company. My baby and I are planning to have an animal as soon as everything calms down. We will probably get a german shepard. That would make us both very happy. Until then I will have to keep my memory of all of my animals fresh in mind and as much as I can visit with friends and family that have animals.

I mean, can you actually look at this picture without wanting to just pinch his cheeks. 

Right now I’m actually thinking of getting myselg a smaller animal so that I won’t feel so lonely, I’m thinking of a budgerigar. I had several as a young child and I loved thier company. Since we/I live in an apartment we don’t really have the place to have a dog or a cat, I guess something small would be good.

*whining* I want a doggy NOW…gi’me, gi’me, gi’me, gi’me….

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