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Malaysian Steamboat

steamboat Malasyian

Just after Christmas we gathered as a family to enjoy each others company and to enjoy just being together. There are six of us in my immediate familj, my parents, my fiance, my brother and his girlfriend and me. However my family is actually much bigger; I’m truly lucky to have a very large family that I love and can depend on. So when I say that the family gathered I this time mean that my dads cousin and her husband came too.

For dinner we had Steamboat, which is basically a a Malay fondue on broth, where you boil what ever ingredients you want. This time we used pieces of chicken, shrimps, lobster, fish, mushrooms, mussels and calamari rings. It is a really nice food to gather around because it takes quite some time to eat and it is something that can be enjoyed by all. You can use whatever ingredients you want, the time of boiling is just different. I love this food, it is light and very health at the same time it tastes great and it is a great family activity. It is quite easy, but piece of meat on skewer and place in broth, wait till boiled and then enjoy! If you haven’t tried this, please do, you will love it! It is amazing!

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