A look in to Siro’s home…

Last Sunday my mother, father, Adde and I were invited to spend the day with Siro and her mother and father. My mother and Siro’s mother are close friends and have been so since the beginning of the 80’s. So in effect Siro has known me all my life, and now that the years have past we have become great friends, well more than friends, she is more like an older sister. We had been planing this get together for quite a while, but it has been difficult to get all of us together, but we finally managed.

Siro moved to a new beautiful apartment 5 months ago, an apartment that she has longed for, an apartment that she has made her home. I’ve visited her several times before, but this last time, it really feels that she has settled down nicely and that she really feels at home. And can only agree with her, since it is a beautiful home.

We were invited for dinner, and like always the food was great. Since Siro’s family is from Lebanon, her mother makes amazing Lebanese food. And I just love the different sauces and salads and all that comes with the “meze” culture.

For starters we were served Fried Hallomi cheese with peppers, Labna (yogurt sauce with mint and olive oil), eggplant salad, Humus (a chickpea sauce) and salad. For main course oven roasted potatoes and a oven made chicken and mushroom gratin. Everything was amazing, we all ate way too much.

Before dessert we took a walk around the block and down to 2 lakes in the area. The lakes were frozen over so we took a stroll on the lake. It was all very cosy since it was snowing a little bit.

Back home again we ate desert, filo pastry with Café Latté ice cream and Physiallis fruit. This also was very yummy.

Siro has very many beautiful details in her home and I wanted to show a couple of those details that make her house a home. Both me and Adde really liked her wall mounted lamps and her ceiling light. Lovely rustic metallic feel with a nice warm glow. The tiles in her nice and cozy kitchen, made from what we call in Sweden “Sjösten” I’m not sure what that’s called in English, but it basically translates to Sea Stone. The lovely red corner light that seriously has the cosy-est glow about it. The heart shaped wall hangers that are so cute and make me happy. These also are very similar to the candle holder, that is very beautiful. The three black and white photos from Egypt (that my mother gave Siro) are absolutely gorgeous. I LOVE them. And lastly the “Japan shelf” that Sirine calls it, with souvenirs from all over the world. I love the two small Arabic lamps.

These are of course just a small part of her amazing home, but a small part that I like the best. It was truly a lovely day, that we are sure to do again, hopefully soon. And I hope that I will be able to invite them all to my home soon. When I get a home that is somewhat larger and more guest friendly.

Thank you Siro for everything. Also thank you Siro’s mom for the amazing food.

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