Can I be an Iron chef?

Any one want to play Iron Chef Sweden with me?

Have you guys watched Iron Chef (the Japanese version) ? I LOVE this show. It makes me happy. There is nothing about it that is “normal” everything is amazing, funny and strange.
For all of you who haven’t see the show it is basically a competition between an Iron chef (4 different chefs that are like gladiators in the kitchen – they each have a speciality) and a challenger. Then there is a jury who decide which of the chefs win the competition. In the competition they receive a special ingredient, which they don’t know about before the competition and then they have 60 minutes to make at least 3 different food dishes. It is amazing, 1. because it is in Japanese everything seems exotic 2. it is dubbed into English in the most humoristic way 3. the show is cheesy in a very good way 4. the secret ingredient they get is always very very strange.

If you want to watch the show, search for it at You Tube.

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