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I found lots of inspiration for a future home at Elfa. Elfa is a Scandinavian furniture company, started in 1947, and now is comprised of about 10 firms, delivering furniture all over the world. They seem to have perfected the idea about smart storage as well as elegance. When ever I walk into a house or a home I almost automatically try to find how the home owners have solved the never-ending question of storage. There is a true fact in the universe and that truth is that you always have to much crap. And to be able to make sure to hide all that crap you need to find a sort of smart and well-hidden storage. And to tell you the truth, it is pretty damn hard.

I’m usually a person that likes my house very none cluttery, you should see lots of the beautiful wooden floors of the house, see the cream colored walls and the minimalistic feel should stand out. The rooms should be airy, light and none cluttery. So the picture on the left is actually not really my cup of tea, but I kinda like it anyways. I like the fact that the bed is enclosed. It feels really cosy. And at the same time it creates lots of smart storage. I guess this is a very smart solution if you happened to have a small bedroom. It is just a little too cluttery for my taste.

When I have a house I
will make sure that my kitchen has a “walk-in” pantry. A place where
all the stuff that you don’t really want or need to have on the kitchen
counter, within arms length, can be stashed away. Of course
this pantry should be equipped with lots of smart shelving.
Something like the picture on the right would be a dream of mine.

As far as the bathroom
is concerned , the bathroom is a place where you need lots and lots of storage.
As a girl it isn’t a big deal to have 10 perfume bottles, 8 body lotions and
532 thousand other product that are used anywhere from everyday to every other
That’s just the way it is, and trying to change it is
just meaningless. Just live with it! So therefore it is quite smart to have a
storage system as the picture on the left shows. A very smart drawer/basket
system where you can see the content of each drawer/basket and you can have
different sizes and lots of variation. Granted the system isn’t pretty, but it
is smart and easy. This might be one of those things that you have in a
bathroom that
usually only is used by the family (if you might
have another bathroom for guests). Also hiding the system isn’t to hard with
some pretty fabric.

Lastly you can never
have too much storage in your hallway. It’s not very pretty to
have shoes, gloves, jackets, hats and bags all over the floor and walls just as
you enter your beautiful house. It doesn’t really give the
best of impressions. Therefore using a chest of drawers or a shelving system to
stuff away things that aren’t too pretty or just not fun to have around is
pretty smart. I know that my parents had a shelf made for shoes, it was really
flat, just so that 2 rows of shoes would fit and then you could pull the drawer
out and see all of the shoes. Very smart. Also the storage system on the right
is pretty smart, placing it on the door makes sure that you
can close the door and not see the baskets also you don’t need to clutter up
the hall way with yet another piece of furniture.

Seriously visit Elfa’s
website, they have lots of great ideas for inspiration and even if you don’t
plan to buy anything via them you can always build your own.

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