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Birthday presents

For my 30th birthday I recieved so many lovely presents frm my family and friends. Thank you all for your love for me!

From my dearest and oldest friends – Berget, Grevinnan, K2 + husbands Sir, K3, A2 + little H – I recieved a Girls Night Out at the musical West Side Story with dinner. Such a great present and something that I’ll always remember!

From my bestest Siro – I recieved an invitation for me and Andy to coffee, dinner and a Lucia show. Thanks you Sister!

From our dear friends AJ and JJ a gift card that I’ll be needing soon =) And JJ knows my love for nail polish =) Thanks!

From my little brother, the best little brother I received a gift card to some of Stockholms best restaurants F12 Gruppen. It will be such a treat!

From my Dads aunt and her husband this beautiful Kosta Boda Line light bulb, that has been on my wishlist for quite a while. It gives the most beautiful glow.

From my extra parents, Ove and Lillis together with my second cousins and families this amazing candle stand, ENO. Love it! Also been on my wishlist for quite some time and thank you thank you thank you!

From my brother-in-law and his girlfriend a bottle of my favorite kind of wine – Amarone!

2012-11-21 presenter 06

From my in-laws a gift card from a jeweller in Söderköping, where I can choose something unique and beautiful =) A great present and such a great memory!

2012-11-21 presenter 07

Thanks for such great presents! I love you all!

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