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Egypt 2012 day 10

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Egypt 2012-2013 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I still haven’t been able to post from our trip to Egypt last Christmas. We had a lovely time and I took lots of pictures, but I still haven’t been through all the pictures but now I hope to be able to post some of our doings in Egypt.  I hope you’ll enjoy the post even though they are “slightly” late =) 


More from our trip to Egypt 2012-2013.

December 30Th

Today has been a dag of leisure, at least for Andy and I. We took the day to do some shopping and have a long walk. We’ve started on the home stretch now and we want to make sure to have time to get everything done. After some shopping and a long walk we ended up at PizzaHut for lunch. Yum!

2013-04-05 Egypt day 10 01

A small pizza and a 3-part appetizer was chosen today.

2013-04-05 Egypt day 10 02

Then we walked home…

2013-04-05 Egypt day 10 03

In the afternoon we all got ready and dressed to be picked up by Maha and the kids so that we could drive out to the Pyramid area and to her mother house. My parents and Maha and Mais parents are best of friends and our families often spend time together since we met in Malaysia. The trip there was very long due to alot of trafic.

2013-04-05 Egypt day 10 04 2013-04-05 Egypt day 10 05

We arrived at their beautiful villa in the Pyramids area when it was dark so unfortunetly I didn’t have time to take a picture and I pretty much let the camera rest and only took a lot of “private” pictures so all the pictures I have from the visit is the dinner. The dinner was wonderful, Tant Nadia is a very good cook.

2013-04-05 Egypt day 10 06 2013-04-05 Egypt day 10 07 2013-04-05 Egypt day 10 08

We had a wonderful dinner and a really wonderful time with our friends. Lots of laughs and memories. Thank you very much for a lovely evening!

2013-04-05 Egypt day 10 09

Du kanske också gillar…