iPhone 5

The last couple weeks I’ve had quite a few problems with my iPhone 4s. There has been problem after problem and the latest one is that my Wi-Fi button is grayed out and can’t be activated. I’ve tried everything to make it work but to no result.

So a few days ago I started using my old iPhone 3s, because a smartphone without Wi-Fi is like a bike with a punctured tire…it works but not to it’s best potential.

Today, we walked past a “phone-shop” and my baby bought me new phone, an iPhone 5. Andy wants me to have a good phone and he knows how much I rely on my phone… And therefore, for him, there wasn’t really a question… He’s good to me! The best ever!

So here I am… Blogging from my new white iPhone 5… And I’m loving it!!! Thanks baby, you are the kindest and most wonderful husband ever!


Du kanske också gillar…