The Move part 2

Yesterday the largest of our MOVES was schedualed. Hansson “the bestest!” came over to help us. We started loading the 2 cars and the trailor at around 11. We worked our asses of, the boys carrying boxes and tetris-ing all the boxes and I packed box after box.

At 2 p.m. I set of with my fully packed car towards the shops to buy dinner (tacos) and then I met up the boys at Max for a quick burger.

Then we set on our epic ride towards house #1. The boys alot slower since the speed limit on a trailer is 80 km/h and the road speed on the highway is 110 km/h. I raced on, not exactly slow, and sang my way all the way “home”.

The boys arrived and we set out, with the help of little brother, to empty the trailors and cars.

It went very quickly and since we only needed to place the boxes in an empty room. No need to unpack yet for a couple of weeks.

We set of back towards to home #2 and again the boys lagged. I sang my 160 km drive home… We arrived around 8.30 p.m. And started making dinner, a real tradition – taco evening.

And yes it was just as brilliant as always… Lots of laughs and a really late night…

Du kanske också gillar…