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Aniversery dinner

Yesterday was our 6th aniversery, well it was ther 6th aniversery from the day we met and the day we became a couple. And eventhough we have lots of other dates to celebrate such as our engagement day and our wedding day, the day we met is still just as special to us both…

We love going out for dinner but at the same time we both love cooking and it’s so much more satisfying creating an incredible meal at home. Andy and I can spend hours and hours in the kitchen together and together we can really create magic.

 So here is the lovely 2 course meal we made last night….

Appetizer: Grilled scampi marinated in ginger, lime, chili, garlic and honey, served with a buttered toast and with a chillied glas of champagne.
The scampi were beautifully spiced and tasted divine. The bread added a lovely texture and another great taste.
Entré: Beef filét with a creamy potatoe gratain served with a glas of red wine, Amarone.
And yes we realized just as the meat had finnished resting that we had forgotten to make vegetables, a side of blanched sugar snaps would have been brilliant with this. Andy is the meat guy in our household and he really out-did himself this time. The meat was made medium rare and it so tender and juicy. And as all of you know my love for Amarone… Do I need say more?
No comment neccessary.

Pretty yummy huh?!

After a candle lit dinner we stopped being so pompus 😉 and started a movie, SALT, and cuddled together on the couch with an array of snacks – well, that was the idea anyways – we were stuffed from all the food. But at least we did have the snacks, just in case we got hungry…

It was a great aniversery, spent the best way possible, with my husband…

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