The World of 100

Toby Ng Design

I love smart advertising and posters. I’ve always loved The Absolute Vodka, Smirnoff, Camel and many many other campaigns. This is one of my current favorites. Toby Ng has made a set of 20 posters depicting how the worlds composition looks like if the world would contain 100 people.

/The World of 100

If the world were a village of 100 people, how would the composition be? This set of 20 posters is built on statistics about the spread of population around the world under various classifications. The numbers are turned into graphics to give another sense a touch – Look, this is the world we are living in.

I love the one above the most, Skin Color – It might be because I love zebras or it might be the simplicity of the poster or it may just be something totally different, but it’s brilliant…

Other posters include Nationality, Age, Gender and Sexual Orientation and so on…

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