New Years Eve

After a pretty annoying trip back from Dubai, we were happy to have planned a really nice night in Uppsala with friends. We had planned to make dinner together and then spend a lovely evening and night together and since we were to land at 3 p.m. we were going to have lots of time to change and get ourselves ready before going to Uppsala. Unfortunely since we landed around 8 p.m. we didn’t really have time to do anything except go straight to Uppsala and just sit down at the prepared meal. And since I have great friends they just got it all done and we had the greatest of evening and night…
The dinner was prepared immaculately and was insanely tasty. Obviously we had a five course meal – it was after all New Years. K2 and K3, Berget and A2 did such an awesome job – Andy and I were really impressed. 
First we were given champagne and an amuse-bouche in the form of crostini with tapenade. Unfortunely I was still really stressed about the whole day so I forgot to take a picture. 
Lovely set table for us just to sit down at and enjoy ourselves.
The second course was a lovely delicate cheese basket with seasonal products, maché salad with a balsamic dressing. Included salmon, prawns, mushrooms, Galia melon, grapes and prosciutti. To drink we had a dry white wine. 

The third and main course was a pan seared rosemary scented lamb sirloin with a caramelized red wine reduction. Served with a potato and other root vegetable cake with Västerbotten cheese (a sharp Swedish cheese) and haricots verts. To drink a very good red wine – perfect together with the food.
The fourth course was a cheese and cracker extravaganza. K3 had bought some amazing cheese in Umeå, probably the biggest pieces of Gorgonzola and Chévre cheese I’ve ever seen. And the taste was to DIE for. 
After dinner we moved into the living room and waited for the clock to strike twelve. Although since we were so late it really wasn’t a very long time. During the wait we did break the gingerbread house and laughed lots. 
Just before the strike of twelve we went outside with our champagne glasses held high. We realized that it had continued to snow and it was an insane amount of snow. But we did watch the fireworks and cheered in the new year together…
After toasting in the New Year we went inside and enjoyed having our tummies filled with beautiful food and the joy of being with friends. 
A2 asked us all which cat was our favorite cat in hat – and miraculously we all chose a different cat in hat =) I guess this is going to be one of those things, that you had to be there to understand =)

Then we played a game – given to K2 during our Christmas get together
Our last course was a Moccasemifreddo – my recipe but since I was late it was made by the others. It was really appreciated and as you can see I forgot to take a picture prior to eating =)

It was a night filled with fun and laughter – as it usually is when we get together with friends. 
At around 3.23 a.m we were sitting in our car and getting ready to go home. It was going to be a long ride home since it was late and it was about 24 hours ago we left the apartment in Dubai and we were both really tired and it was still snowing…
We got back home at around 5 in the morning and we just collapsed in bed, it had been an amazing evening and night and kudos to my friends for making such a great dinner! We’ve had a great New Years!
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