Dubai 2010 – Day 2 & EFIT

Waking up to lovely weather and this view – doesn’t make you want to stay in bed.

However we did sleep almost 12 hours and that felt really good. But we were still feeling slightly down and out – but that wasn’t anything that a swim couldn’t fix… But first a hardy breakfast…

Then we checked to make sure that there were non-taken deck chairs on the beach and changed into our swim suits – it was going to be another amazing day…

The beach and sun tanning – Andy and my feet…

Needless to say – we didn’t do to much for a couple of hours except for read, sun tan, cozy, swim and just enjoy doing NOTHING.

Beckingham Palace/house across the bay.

Tranquil huh? Those three chairs were where we were sun tanning. Time to get out of the sun, so we don’t burn and also time to call my friend Mai and decide what to do today.

The apartment – and this is our apartment. It’s a nice building, huh?

Downtown Dubai…

One of the pools in the area as well as one of the restaurants for residents.

Upstairs at the apartment. I called my friend Mai, that I met when living in Malaysia, and decided that she would come over.

And then we ordered lunch from, well can you guess which restaurant? Very yummy hamburgers.

After a couple of hours my friend arrived and we talked and just hung out in the apartment. We were still kind of tired.

When Mom and Dad came home we ate dinner. My Mom had made Chicken and carrot stew as well as Beef Stroganoff served with rice and salad.

The moon was out and Andy made sure to get some great pictures of it and of the night sky.

A beautiful moon and Burj al Arab in the moonlight.

Skyline Downtown Dubai.

One of the pool areas on one of our walks.

Then the day went on to night and it was time for us to say goodbye to Mai and her son Omar and make our way to our beds. A good day with a really old friend and great laughs.


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