Gotland 2010 – day 18

After a long lazy-in-bed morning – just reading some we made brakfast and then we started rolling – our last day in Gotland. Wheels up at 10.55 a.m. and the temperature was about 22 C – although cloudy.

We had previously decided that we wanted to visit the Outlets in Visby. Usually every summer lots of Swedish/Other companies have outlets in Visby, where they sell of their product for alot less than in the shops back home. One shop that we have visited every year is Intersports Outlet – they have lots of sport wear, outdoor apparel, shoes, clothes and just anything you might think of when it comes to sport. Unfortunely the store wasn’t open on Sundays, this year, or this late.

Instead we went on to one of the other Outlet shops – where they have kitchen products and other interior design stuff. The companies Hackman, Fiskars, Höganäs, Iittala, Rörstrand and Boda Nova had produkts here.

They had a lot of beautiful things – for varingly good prices. The poster outside said 50%-80% cheaper, but in some instances I’m quite positive that their original prices were several hundreds higher than in the stores at home. So some things were quite expensive and others cheaper. We bought some kitchen towels, 2 sets of Boda Nova tin canisters, 2 candle holders, I believe they were called Polaris – will show later. I was hoping that they would have the Höganäs plates that I’ve been looking for but it seems that they only had the blue color.

Then we visited the Book Outlet – and were very disapointed. They maybe had 30 different titles and maybe 10 of those were pocket – I don’t buy anything else – so we didn’t buy anything at all.

Onwards towards the Sporthuset or the Sport House – where again they have everything for sports and outdoor apparel.

Andy bought light weight rain-resistant clothes and some shirts.

Then we went north to Lummelunda and the Lummelunda Grottorna or Caves. They are Gotlands largest caves – they are well worth a visit if you are in Gotland. They have guided tours – on different levels, beginners and so on, as well as kids tours and more serious spelunking if that’s your thing. Unfortunetly when we got to the caves it started raining – big-time, so Andy decided to go for a little walk and pick a cache while I made lunch. I’m not much of a rain person.

Lunch – was a RV-special – and new potatoes with beef patties filled with feta cheese, wrapped in serano – served with a bearnaise sauce. Very yummy! I learned a new trick today, and that was to add a splash of soy sauce to the ground beef instead of salt – it gives it a rounder taste and is really good. Yum – RV-cooking ain’t too bad.

After lunch we went back to Visby, the weather was really crappy – rain and more rain – so we went on another geocaching hunt, whereby we drive to the cache and then jump out in the rain and grabb them quickly =) Drive-in-geocaching.

We went down to the harbour – from where the large ferrys to the main land go and I saw this sign for the first time – I’d never seen it before although I’ve been on the island  5 times previously (as an adult – able to remember). It sais Välkummen ti Gotland which is Gotlandish for Welcome to Gotland as apposed to Swedish, Välkommen till Gotland.

Then we grabbed a couple of more caches on a little walk along the harbour. Beautiful waterfalls…

Just south of visby the landscape changes quite a bit to high cliffs in comparison to Gotlands very flat landscape. The Cliffs lead south towards on of Gotlands most famous spots, Högklint or High Cliff – a beautiful spot to watch the sunset.

Later on after grabbing a few caches, we drove towards Högklint to grabb a 3 caches along a little stroke along the top of the cliffs. The view towards Visby – it really is a very beautiful city.

The walking stroke was really beautiful and there were lots of spots to sit down with a pique-nique and watch the beautiful sunset.

The coast south…

And the beautiful sunset. Andy brought a blanket and we sat and watched the sun set with the camera clicking away =)

When the sun set we drove towards the city center and had dinner at Max, at around 9 p.m. Max is Swedens answer to McDonalds or BurgerKing. After dinner we drove down towards the harbour and parked first in line for the ferry. After watching some TV we fell asleep in the harbor in wait for the ferry to arrive in the morning.

Cache-count: 13/515 total. 

Fridhemsfallet, Strandnära, Vy mot Högklint, Vidvinkeln, Vy mot Sverige, Vy mot Visby hamn, Gotland – Båt, VISBY INLOPP, Kungens grodsjö, Lummelunda, Lillklev, Storklev and Högklint.

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