Gotland 2010 – day 11

After quite a humid and warm night, we weren’t the happiest of campers…but after som breakfast and a cup or two of coffee, we were on our way. Wheels up around 9 a.m. and it was about 18 C.

We kept on going south, towards the southern most point in Gotland. But our first stop was in Havdhem for a little cache.

Then we went towards the coast to a wind turbine “park”. Not the prettiest of places but at the same time kind of cool, with about 50 turbines, spread out over the area.

The weather was looking up, the sun came out and the temperature started to rise. And it, again, was a beautiful day…

Then we passed Vamlingsbo and their three wind mills in a row. Remember when we were in Öland, there they had 7 wind mills in a row =)

When we were almost at the southern most point, we stopped for lunch at Husrygg, a very different area in Gotland. It almost looks like the Scottish highlands. It’s quite a strange feeling to know that you are on the island of Gotland but at the same time think that you are somewhere else – but that is usually the feeling I get when I’m here – that’s probably partially why I love it here.

After a quick lunch we went down to an almost private beach, we were all alone for about 1 hour. We did some swimming and then some sunbathing in the insanly beautiful day.

Pretty huh? Doesn’t really look like the picture is taken in Sweden, right?

After a couple of hours of sunbathing – we were pretty sure that we’d burn. We started driving south towards Hoburgsgubben, a rauk in southern most part of Gotland. Just looking out over the ocean makes you happy…

Hoburgsgubben, the Hoburgs (old) man, is a rauk formations that from a certain angle looks like an old man. Someone has recently sprayed his nose yellow, so he’s easier to see. We were going to get some coffee but a buss filled with tourist happened to arrive as we were almost at the resturant/café so we came behind them all – so instead we had some ice cream.

After a walk around the southern tip looking for stones, we drove the tip around and took the “other” road north. We stopped at Slottet vid Hulehällar, the Hulehällar castle to pick up a cache and Andy was greeted by the cows.

Then we went by Hadvhem again, because we had forgotten to buy bread. Then we noticed a really large rummage sale. The house was filled with nick-nacks and everything one could want. Andy and I, fell slightly inlove with a pair of antique chairs that would have been perfect in our library room that we will have some day. Perfekt chess chairs – almost throne like. We might have been more serious about buying them if we had found them on the mainland, but it would be hard to have them in the RV till we get home next week. I wanted to buy quite a few things but since we don’t really have any space to put stuff – we didn’t buy anything. But I do really rekommend a visit!

Then we started towards our night spot – one of our favorite night spots – Närsholmen. We stayed there last year on our wedding anniversery. It’s a beautiful place that on one side that has typical Gotland scenery and on the other side looks like the savanna in Botswana. It’s quite special.

I love the lighthouse out here.

For dinner we had a small and intimate Crayfish party – the first crayfish of the season. In Sweden crayfish are fished and eaten, almost exclusivly in the second half of August. And it’s a highlight for every Swede. But more about that another time. We didn’t really feel like making a big deal about it, so we ate Crayfish (jumbo) and RV-made garlic bread. And, as always (it’s almost a law =) ) we had Aquavit. For dessert we ate some chips and chocolate cookies.

During the most part of dinner, we had some sunshine, but then very quickly the big black clouds came in and we got insane amounts of rain. The rain continued all night and well into the next morning. Again, raining in the RV isn’t too much fun, slightly loud.

Cache-count: 5 / 470 total.

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