Gotland 2010 – day 8

This morning we were tired, so we decided to sleep in till 10 and then eat breakfast with Anna. Again, it’s like a hotell, a buffet breakfast =)

After breakfast we decided to make our way towards Lummelunda caves – a system of caves on Gotlands north western coast that is well worth a visit. And there after we were to have some lunch at Krusmyntagården – an amazing place wherer they make their own spices and other culinary products. They also have great food and a lovely sitting area, overlooking the ocean.

We started our trip and on our way towards the caves, and we picked off the caches, Gotlands flyg (at Visby airport), Snäck and Åhsbergska hagar.

Then we decided it was time for lunch and instead of going to the caves first, we went to Krysmyntagården for lunch. Anna and I, took a prawn sandwich Benedict-style with a poached egg, spinache, bacon and hollandaise. And Andy took a lammburger with red beets, red onion, cheese and new potato fries.

Then we decided to go back towards town, instead of going on to the Caves, since Annas friend was preforming in a Improv performance in Saint Karins church ruin. And that we thought it was going to be really good.

In town, there were lots of people, but it since it’s the Medival Fair – it’s just the way it is. And the Improv at the church ruin was great! The winner was really good (pink arrow)!

After the Improv we walked around in town and bought a few things for our home in a great shop called Hantverksboden and then we tried to find a coffee shop for some fika or some dinner – we weren’t dinner hungry but maybe a sandwich would be good.

Unfortunely all the café were closing since it was almost 7 p.m. so we decided to buy some things in the grocery store and then we went home instead.

Now we are at home and we have had some tea and sandwiches and now we are having some snacks. Lots of yummy stuff. We are having a great time, talking and laughing and planning. Now were going to watch a Swedish movie, Arn and take an early night, or late, depending on how long we can stay up =)

Cache-count: 3/ 463 total.

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