Gotland 2010 – day 3

When we woke up yesterday the day was slightly cloudy and about 18 C – not too fun in other words. Although when in a RV it’s good if it ain’t to warm. A late breakfast and all the preparations for departure went quickly and rutinly.

We drove along the coast, Stenkusten towards the north of Gotland and towards Fårösund. We stopped of in Bungenäs to pick the cache “Södra Batteriet” and then we stopped of for a quick lunch in the Fårösund harbour.

The weather was slightly bleak with no sun spots at all so we pretty much made it a day of geocaching and rummage sales. We stopped of at a annual rummage sale at Fårö, which unfortunetly this year was total crap.

Then we set our sales toward Fårö and took the ferry to the small island of Fårö – one of the posh spots on Gotland. Where for example Ingmar Bergman had his home and has filmed many of his films. Usually the ferry goes on double time during the summer, but we took our vacation about 1 week later this year, which makes the heavy summer season almost over.

Once on the island, we picked the “Strax Yvar” cache and then we went on to north towards Langhammars rauk area.

One of the most significant pictures of Gotland is the amount of rock-towers people build along the stone and sleet beaches. And this has been going on for ever – but this year they have apparently decided to forbid these rock-towers. Which makes me kind of sad, it’s one of the most beautiful evening scencery with hundreds upon hundreds of rock-towers along the beaches and the sun seting in the distance.

And beacuse of the weather there was quite alot of waves, which was nice to take pictures of. Andy, I believe, took about 200 pictures of waves. And we also logged an earth-cache, Langhammars.

There we spent quite some time photographing and enjoying one of our favorite spots along the rauk area. The rauks, are large rock formations, formed by the ocean and the wind over the ages and have become a staple of Gotland. On Fårö – there are some of the nicest rauks, situated pretty much all along the beaches of the island. Langhammar is one of the prettiest to me.

Especially this bay – which is one of my absolut favotite bays – I know that sounds really stupid, but I love just looking out over it. If the weather had been nicer I could have satt here for a couple of hours – just looking out over the bay…

Then we continued due south towards Gamle Hamn, an old Harbour that no longer can be used due to the post-glaciar rebound. The ocean that was once there has been replaced by a smaller lake and I guess the fishermen can’t really get to many fish here =)

In Gamle Hamn there are quite a few rauks, and probably Gotlands most famous rauk, the dog or the coffee pot or as I say, the camel. It’s a really cool stone formation that makes you marvel…

The stone beach along Gamle Hamn. We made sure to take the cache in Gamle Hamn when we were there. =) And after a small walk we went back to the car.

We thought we might go get a fika/coffee at Silvi’s Döttrar, one of Fårö’s most famous fika places, but then we  skipped it and started driving down towards our night spot instead – a place that we had been last year. A nice little spot with a fishing shed and a row boat.

 The road down to the night spot, is a tricky one and very wet, but we thought that we might as well try it since it worked last year and we had a cache to pick there, Tvärs Yvar – which we hadn’t taken last year. The road was just as bad or good as it was last year, one large spot where the ocean and the swamp on both sides of the road had become one – we call it the Great Barrier Reef =) But Harmy is an amphibi-RV so it’s not a problem. =) Kanada – don’t you be worried, Harmy is fine! =)

Once there, around 7 p.m. we started with dinner and then the rain started. And let me just say, when it rains it really pours… insane amounts of water and in the RV it really hammered away. It kind of felt like we were in a can of tuna. But that’s the way it is in a RV.

Dinner was really good, really good! A must do when we get back home! Easy and really yummy!

After dinner we layed in bed and watched a movie on the computer and just enjoyed being inside and not in the rain. It is really nice cozy to be in the RV when the rain pours down outside =) The rain continured long into the night, and pretty much into the morning….

Cache-count: 6 / 436 total.

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