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Egypt 2012 day 9

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Egypt 2012-2013 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I still haven’t been able to post from our trip to Egypt last Christmas. We had a lovely time and I took lots of pictures, but I still haven’t been through all the pictures but now I hope to be able to post some of our doings in Egypt.  I hope you’ll enjoy the post even though they are “slightly” late =) 


More from our trip to Egypt 2012-2013.

December 29Th

Today we had decided to spend the day with my cousins Shimo and Moe as well as his wife MiniCooper. A day of just hanging out Egyptian-style. Always nice to just have some time to talk and enjoy ourselves.

We, Andy, Wilderbeast and I started out by going to Moe and MiniCooper new apartment. A lovely place with beautiful and throughout design and lots of beautiful pieces to make a beautiful home. Shimo joined us there and we pilled into the cars and left for a breakfast-place in the Rehab-area called Arabiata.

2013-04-04 Egypt day 09 01

In the sunshine, oh the beautiful and warm sunshine we ordered breakfast of all the most amazing sorts. Lots of small dishes as well as new dishes even for me. But what a breakfast, real Egyptian food with great flavor can’t really be beat.

2013-04-04 Egypt day 09 02

I ordered a Prince – which is Foul (brown beans casserole) that has been oven baked with sausage, cheese and eggs. Yum! All eaten with bread and it was truly delicious!

2013-04-04 Egypt day 09 03

A few hours of breakfast in the sunshine with lots of laughs and then we were on our way towards the Nile to take a Faluka ride on the Nile. It’s one of our traditions together with my cousins so of course we wanted to have another go.

2013-04-04 Egypt day 09 04 2013-04-04 Egypt day 09 05 2013-04-04 Egypt day 09 06

Cairo is a really beautiful city and from the Nile it makes you forget about the hustle and bustle of the city and just embrace the stillness and wonder of the Nile.

After the Faluka ride we made our way to a restaurant that made Syrian Shawerma, I think it was called Ya Mal Al Sham (but I might be mistaken). Andy, Wilderbeast and I love Shawerma and this according to my cousins was the best place for it. And oh my, they were so right! It’s a sit along the side of the road and eat kind of a place and for us that ain’t a problem, we’ve been to worse places. And as long as the food is good, we’re all in…

2013-04-04 Egypt day 09 07

After dinner Wilderbeast went back home and the rest of us continued to Old Cairo. It’s a place were I hadn’t been before and i pretty much is what it seems. Inside a large city wall, remains the old Cairo with plenty of beautiful buildings, amazing mosques, really fantastic architecture and a bustling marketplace where one couldn’t stop to see beautiful things. It’s kind of like Khan El Khalili but less touristy, which is always nice! It’s a beautiful spot and I’ll be going there several times in the future and I highly recommend it!

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We had a coffee at a coffee shop and just enjoyed the atmosphere. I loved it!

2013-04-04 Egypt day 09 19 2013-04-04 Egypt day 09 20 2013-04-04 Egypt day 09 21

Then we said our good byes to my cousins and went back home. A lovely day with my cousins and they are the best! I’m just sad that we live so far apart, but so glad that we can hang out when we are in Egypt. It’s nice to have family that one loves =) Thank you all!

2013-04-04 Egypt day 09 22 2013-04-04 Egypt day 09 23

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