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Egypt 2012 day 12

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Egypt 2012-2013 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I still haven’t been able to post from our trip to Egypt last Christmas. We had a lovely time and I took lots of pictures, but I still haven’t been through all the pictures but now I hope to be able to post some of our doings in Egypt.  I hope you’ll enjoy the post even though they are “slightly” late =) 


More from our trip to Egypt 2012-2013.

January 1 St

Since we got in quite late we took a sleep in and just mozied around the apartment during the day. Nothing much, just chit chating with my parents and brother and hanging out. We also started packing since we’d be going home in a day…

2013-04-05 Egypt day 12 01

My mom made the most beautiful shrimps for lunch. They were so sweet and moist, the best shrimps I’ve ever had. My Mom is the most amazing cook!

2013-04-05 Egypt day 12 02

We went on just taking it easy at home and enjoyed the sunshine on the balcony. As the sun set over the pyramids we started to get read for the evenings outing.

2013-04-05 Egypt day 12 03 2013-04-05 Egypt day 12 04We pilled into the car and set of towards the Fifth Settlement to Moe and MiniCoopers new house. We’d, Andy, Wilderbeast and I, seen it already but my Parents hadn’t and we were to also meet my Aunt and uncle as well as my cousin Shimo there. It was a lovely visit with lots of yummy things to eat and lots of fun to have.

2013-04-05 Egypt day 12 05

After a few hours we said our goodbyes and made our way home through the night. And when we got home, we ordered a couple of Hardee´s burgers, a Jalapeno burger, for a lite night dinner. An Egyptian favorite for us all and just what we needed to cap of the night.

2013-04-05 Egypt day 12 06

Du kanske också gillar…