Canada day 13

An early morning today since we wanted to make sure that we had both time for some sightseeing in the North Conway (NC) area as well as shopping in the Outlets.

The view from our balcony, unfortunetly the weather seemed to be quite grimm. Rain and thunderclouds and that seemed to be the weather for the whole day. But the plan is anyway to go up the mountain…

The hotel really had some beautiful flower arrangements, lovely purple Petunias.

The hotel didn’t serve breakfast but that’s good since the nicest breakfast place in the north is located NC, Peach’s. They open at 7 a.m. And close at 2.30 p.m. They serve everything from omeletts, pancakes, breakfast buritos, french toast, soups, crepes and so much more.

Oh the difficulty of choosing what to eat. Andy and I still hadn’t had American pancakes so that was an easy choice, but what kind was harder to figure out.

There were plain, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, chocolate chip, banana brown sugar, apple butterscotch and about 10 others… Andy isn’t a filling type of a guy and loves his pancakes plain with maple syrup.

I love me some blueberries, with maple syrup, obviously… Ah, beautiful.

My Mother-in-Law ordered the french toast.

And my Father-in-Laws sunny side up with bacon.

After breakfast we literary ROLLED Out to the car and back to the hitel for a quick stop. Then we started a sightseeing trip towards The Kancamungus higway. Up into the mountains and down among the streams. It was truely a beautiful road but i took all my pictures with the SLR, so I’ll show you those at a later time.

When we got back to town it had started to rain quite a bit and and it was perfect shopping weather. The Shopping Area is huge so visiting all the stores was impossible, but we had a couple that we already planned, like Yankee Candle and Famous Footwear.

After a few hours of shopping shoes, clothes, candles zand other things we left the shopping area with 13 large Yankee Candle candles!!! Insane!

Then we went on to L.L. Bean and the Army surplus store. Andy was in heaven. Lots of army and hunting gear, lots of weapons and other good to have stuff.

At around 7 p.m. we thought that it might be time for dinner, so we went straight to the Merlino’s in NC.

As we walked in we got the table after about 25 minutes but we took a drink in the bar instead. Andy’s Mom and I had the Virgin raspberry margarita and Andy’s Dad had a beer, and Andy a coke.

Once we were seated we ordered some appetizers. Andy,s parents ordered the garlic bread and Andy and I wanted to share some nacho’s. We had learned fromprevious days overeating and decided that we needn’t have our own appetizer.

When Andy’s and my nacho’s came out we thought that they might be kidding or we missunderstood the menu – the nacho’s were huge and couöd feed a small army. But no, theis was a one person nacho plate…it’s an oval plate, length about 40 cm, huge!

We almost dreaded the main courses being served since we couldn’t even fathem that we’d hsve room for anything after the nacho’s but luckrly our mains came quickly so that we didn’t fill up on nachos.

We had all ordered burgers, which was unusual since we usually never eat the same things.

I ordered the Attitash burger with guacamole and spicy salsa and pepperjack cheese. It was a great burger but I totally ignorder the bread and the fries and ate the meat pattie instead.

Andy and his Mom both ordered the Wildcat burger with blue cheese and hot sauce. Also this was a nice burger. Andy’s Mom ordered with sweat potatoe fries.

Andy’s burger with regular fries.

Andy’s Dad ordered the Tuckermans burger with bacon and BBQ sauce.

After dinner we took the car home to the hotel and had a quiet drink on the balcony in the sunset. A really nice way of ending a nice day and since the rain had stopped it really was very pleasent outside.

Du kanske också gillar…