Dubai 2010 – Day 11

Today, being the last day in Dubai, was supposed to be really nice and calm and relaxing. Just hanging out with my parents and just making sure that we got everything that we wanted and make a last trip to Carefour (supermarket) to buy some groceries that we wanted to bring to Sweden…

Unfortunetly that isn’t really what happened…

In the morning we realized that the fridge had stopped working – there was a large water leak and the compressor stopped. So we had to get a new fridge a.s.a.p (since it was Thursday, Friday and Saturdays are days of in Dubai as well as Friday being New Years.).

We woke up and decided not to go to the beach until a little later since my Mom told her manicurist to come early. Unfortunely she arrived late so we would have had time to go to the beach for a couple of hours. But I did get a manicure and a pedicure. And then we went to the hairdresser to give me a quick haircut. I look like a new person =) No not really – but it sure is nice to get it all done at once…

Mai and Omar were one their way and we were going to meet them at The Emirates Mall, but it was time to drop Mom of at work and then Andy and I continued to the Mall. Mai’s husband Waleed also met us at The Emirates Mall, but unfortunetly we didn’t have to much time to hang with them since we had to see if we could get a fridge delivered. But we decided that they were going to come with us back home to have dinner together, one last time before we left. When we got going from the mall, we went to pick up my Mom, but my Dad called and said that he had found a fridge and a store that deliver today… So off we went to Time Square to buy the fridge together with my Mom and Dad.

After buying the fridge, we went back home to see Mai, Waleed and Omar being there. We started making dinner and we had another Egyptian dinner – this time it was actually an Egyptian breakfast with foul (brown beans), misshh (strong cheese and tomato mix), taymeya (Egyptian falafel – green bean paste, fried in oil), white goat cheese and Egyptian flat bread. It’s the best breakfast ever – unfortunetly we don’t get to eat it a lot but it really is one of my absolute favorites!

Foul, 2 different kinds and taymeya.

Egyptian pickles – Torshi , eggplant pickles and green olives.

Misshh – a mixture of strong cheese, usually aged mixed with diced tomatoes.


After dinner Mai, Waleed and Omar said their goodbyes and we finished our packing. We wanted to make sure we had a couple of hours of sleep before we went of to the airport for our trip back home to Sweden.

Our Dubai 2010 trip is over for this time. Thank you soo much Mom and Dad – we’ve had a really great time and it has been relaxing and fun and we’ve enjoyed ourselves. Thank you for everything!

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