Gotland 2010 – day 15

We woke up and were served breakfast at Hotel Ove & Lillis. And since it was raining all day, we pretty much stayed inside and just talked, hung out, played with the girls, Ella and Matilda, and played lots and lots of cards. Hoping that the rain would stop and we’d have some sun. A trip to the wonderful beach would have been nice.

We had some laughs and it’s always nice just to hang out with your cousins – it’s simple and just fun.

The camera wasn’t used much today and if it was used those photos are private – since I don’t want to post any pictures of my family, without their consents.

Dinner was absolutly beautiful, Ove grilled Fårö lamb and it tasted superb! The food is always great at Ove & Lillis, but this was truely a masterpiece =)

One picture that I took, I feel like I have to post, just because I wanted to show you the cutest PJ’s ever – Cow PJ’s on Matilda. Ella had the same ones, but she had gotten to bed already. (Sofia, om du inte vill att jag ska ha bilden uppe, säg till så tar jag bort den med en gång!)

After dinner and putting the girls to sleep, we sat up and played some cards and ate cheese and crackers. A perfect ending of a perfect day – although rainy…

We statayed another night outside their cottage. And again we had mosquitos everywhere – but now, I’m to tired to care!

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