Clothes for a sick little girl

I’m a bit under the weather right now. Actually I’m pretty sick. I had surgery a couple of months back where I removed my tonsils and since then I’ve not really been sick at all, actually I’ve felt very well. Before the surgery I had tonsillitis 6 times a year, which I can tell you wasn’t fun. So now I’ve pretty much gotten used to not being sick. Friday last week my thought started swelling up and I was having a harder time to breath, I was pretty sure I was getting sick. I have spent the weekend at my parents house so I haven’t done too much, except get sicker and sicker. Right now I have an ear infection, tonsillitis (yeah I know, that makes no sense, but still) and a fever. I feel like I’m full with snot (excuse the grossness) and my body hurts, lots. Anyways, this wasn’t supposed to be about how horrible I feel, but what I would like to be wearing while being sick. Ellos has a very cozy pink jumpsuit that I wouldn’t mind wearing, I’d actually like it very much. Pink, Velour and hoody – can it get much better? Well actually since it only costs 99 Kr, I guess that kind of makes it better 🙂

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