Julkalender 2012: Lucka 23

Lucka 23. En bild som bäst beskriver ditt humör idag. / A picture of your mood today. 

2012-12-23 hur du känner idag

It’s been a go-go-go-fall and I’m feeling my energy depleted. I’m feeling like a flower that’s just about to wither, but at the same time, I can still smile and I can still suck it up and just go-go-go if so need be. Lots of color and in your face, if so need be…

Christmas vacation is going to do me good, I just need to have less color, less smile and less stuff that must get done. I just want to spend time with my family and enjoy their company without any must. And that is what I’m going to do. And I know that my family feels the same, they have all had a really go-go-go fall… All of them have been going 200% to make sure that it’s all done and all done right!

All of them have been the flowers that just aren’t ready to give up, so instead of withering they have stepped up their game and just given just that little more color, that little more smell and given just that last energy they have…

Julkalender 2012: Lucka 22

Lucka 22. En bild på dig när du är glad. / A picture of you when you are happy. 


I love this picture. It’s taken by a relative that I’ve not met since this picture was taken and it’s one of my absolute favorite pictures of all times. I’m 2 and according to my family and relatives, I was the cutest thing on two feet at that age and I guess from the picture you can see I’m both happy and looking mischievous. Love it!

Julkalender 2012: Lucka 19

Lucka 19. En bild på dig från idag. / A picture of you from today.

Det börjar bli dags att börja med julpyntande på sig själv tycker jag. Om man nu tycker om sånt. Jag vill gärna ha härligt julröda naglar och kanske några röda kläder… Och idag blev det denna vackra röda färgen på naglarna…

In English:
It’s about that time to Christmas decorate one self for the holidays and mostly that for me means Ruby Red nails. Beautiful color, right?

Julkalender 2012: Lucka 18

Lucka 18. En bild på din familj. / A picture of your family.



A picture of me and my Dad. Probably the best picture ever. I’m totally in love with my orange trench coat and my white tail-hat =) Love it! And I love the fact that my dad seem so think that I need to be held back, like I’ll run away… =)


A picture of me and my Mom after a shower. I remember my bathrobe that was so warm and snuggly and I remember how nice it was to cuddle with my mom after a shower. I’ve been blessed with such loving parents!

img242My little brother Wilderbeast, I couldn’t find a picture of us together, but I think there might be a couple. But since I’m 6 years older than Wilderbeast we probably didn’t like being in the same place at the same time. And in this picture my brother is wearing my granddads glasses and is so cool!

2012-12-18 family


My Adde, my husband, my best friend and the love of my life. Need I say more??? =) A picture from the White Desert in Egypt and a memory of a lifetime.

2012-12-18 family 02

My In-laws, the kindest people I’ve had the pleasure to have as my family. I’ve felt welcome in their home from Day 1 and a part of the family always. A picture of them in the Mohamed Ali Mosque in Kairo during our trip to Egypt for our wedding.

2012-12-18 family 03


And Dr. SpiderPig my brother-in-law, a guy with so many one-liners in his head that it would make your head spin. A big bag of laughs and a really nice guy. And a clean mouth too…by the looks of it =) And now we have the pleasure to have Dr. SpiderPigs (new) family too, and it’s going to be great to get to know them better.

And the thing is I have lots of family, or people I consider family. But this post would be too long, since I was ”supposed” to have 1 picture…and I’ve got LOTS! Anyways, the rest of you that I love dearly, thank you for being my family! 

Julkalender 2012: Lucka 17

Lucka 17. En bild på dig som tonåring. / A picture of you as a teenager.


A pretty bad picture but for me it has always represented the friendship I’ve had with these three beautiful girls. When I moved abroad from Sweden it was these three who waited for me to come home each summer. We spent long long days together doing so much fun stuff and the most important thing was that they made me feel welcome, I had something to ”come home” to.

For 4 weeks each summer from the age of 12 (when I moved to Malaysia) to the age of 18 (when I graduated from High School in Egypt) I spent every waking moment with these three, making our summer vacations awesome!

And the best part of the deal is that I still have them in my life today, and I’m so grateful!