KFC Photography

Julkalender 2012: Lucka 17

Lucka 17. En bild på dig som tonåring. / A picture of you as a teenager.


A pretty bad picture but for me it has always represented the friendship I’ve had with these three beautiful girls. When I moved abroad from Sweden it was these three who waited for me to come home each summer. We spent long long days together doing so much fun stuff and the most important thing was that they made me feel welcome, I had something to “come home” to.

For 4 weeks each summer from the age of 12 (when I moved to Malaysia) to the age of 18 (when I graduated from High School in Egypt) I spent every waking moment with these three, making our summer vacations awesome!

And the best part of the deal is that I still have them in my life today, and I’m so grateful!

Du kanske också gillar…