TeuxDeux – my new best friend

I’m a list person, I write things down and like to cross them off the list to add more things and then cross them off… I don’t know how many thousands of pieces of paper, notebooks and post-its I’ve used in my time, it would probably be half a forest.

A while back I found SwissMisses TeuxDeux and I’ve used it at times, but this last week I’ve been using it a lot. Firstly writing all the things that need to be done, on the date they need to be done by, and then crossing them off when done – but still being able to see them crossed off. But also the things that haven’t been crossed off the list, get moved to the next days list and so on… Nothing gets forgotten or deleted. I love it!

The only thing I’d want is some kind of color coding… maybe that will come…

Try it out, it’s great!