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Happy birthday Andy

Andy, White Desert in Egypt April 2009
Also on the 21 st of March it was my lovely husbands 35th birthday
I feel like a horrible wife since we didn’t celebrate propperly, but Andy has said that we can do it some other time, and I sure as hell won’t forget that =)
On the day, I made my way to town for about 30 minutes to make a couple of birthday purchases and some cake. I was sooooooooooooo tired when I got back that I slept the rest of the day until Andy came home from work. But it was very much worth it…
 Little brother and I tried to celebrate Andy a little by having a little quiet coffee and prezzies. Some candles instead of birthday cake candles and the flowers that my in-laws bought for me during my stay at the hospital….
 Prezzies – the little moose is from Little brother – a little hunting token to give Andy good luck…
And some birthday cake – this was my piece, I bought different smaller portion cakes for each of us, our favorites instead of buying one large cake… Andy got a Budapest cake – with merenges, clementines and whipped cream, I had a Princess cake with a green marsipan cover, whipped cream and raspberry jam and Little brother had a large chocolate ball. 
Happy Birthday Andy!
Love you!
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