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Homemade cheeseburger

For dinner on Saturday night we made our famous burgers. These burgers make our mouth water each time we think about them. Usually we eat roasted rosemary and garlic french fries with the burger but since we weren’t that hungry we chose just to make the burgers. And to tell the truth, my Baby made the burgers, and I just helped. The burgers are soooo his masterpiece  As you can se on the picture above the burgers are oozy and the kind that you don’t eat with utensils (by the by burgers that should be eaten with utensils should be baned  )

hemmagjord ostburgare homemade hamburger

So the burger includes bought hamburger bread (unfortunately the bread was just a tad bit too big for the burgers), 2 bought meat patties, sallad, homemade Ajvar Relish, onion slices, cheese and chili ketchup. It was amazing!

You guys should try making you own burgers instead of going to McDees or any other burger chain (even if they have great burgers).

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