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Julgransplundring 2013

Julgransplundring is a Swedish tradition where by one celebrates the “pillaging” and throwing out the Christmas tree. It’s usually celebrated on St. Knut’s Day or “Twentieth Day Knut” (13 januari) and marks the end of the Christmas season, that for many started the First of Advent. In the oldern days one would hang apples and other perishables in the tree that needed to be eaten and that would be a celebration in itself. Now a days it’s celebrated by smashing and eating the Gingerbread house, the Christmas crackers, the candies from the trees, dancing around the tree, un-dressing the tree and then heaving it out of the door. Mostly it’s fun for the kids with candies and goodies and games.

We were invited to a Julgransplundring at Grevinnan and Sir house. They, like us, don’t have kids so we spent a very nice and peaceful evening with good food, good laughs and good company.

A few pictures from the splendid night…

2013-01-31 Julgransplundring 01

Sipping wine around the stove while cooking…2013-01-31 Julgransplundring 02

Starter: Serano ham, horse radish and flatbread. 2013-01-31 Julgransplundring 03

A lovely bottle of red2013-01-31 Julgransplundring 04

Entre: Chicken with mushroom risotto. I love risotto!2013-01-31 Julgransplundring 05


Un-dressing the Christmas tree – and a beautiful tree it was…2013-01-31 Julgransplundring 06 2013-01-31 Julgransplundring 07

Grevinnan had made party favors for each of us with some goodies to enjoy…2013-01-31 Julgransplundring 08

Du kanske också gillar…