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Found at Christina:

10 favorites:
Pink, pink, pink
Food: all kinds of food, lots of favorites. Homemade Pizza, Taco and Egyptian food
Bracelett: A gold trinket bracelet, with my favorite trinkets
Movie: The Three Musketeers
Book: Roald DahlOmnibus
Sport: Soccer, basket ball and volleyball
Season: Summer
Weekday: Sunday, before noon is probably my favorite
Ice cream flavor: Vanilla
Time of day: Morning, as early as possible. Just as long as the sun is up.
Politics: I have no interest in politics what so ever.
Favorite make-up: Lancomé Hypnose

Your best beauty tip: Without a doubt, Cliniques Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser. Wash your face with this product and you don’t need to wear any make-up, freshness in a tube. The best product ever.

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