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Crayfish party

Obviously, this being Sweden and August we did make sure to have a Crayfish Party, be it small with 4 people, but we did have one…

I love Crayfish or at is called in Sweden Kräftor. These are usually fished in the end of august, and only then since they are fishing for crayfish is outlawed the rest of the year.  The crayfish are boiled in a brine of salt water and crown dill and local variations may include beer or other alcoholic drinks. They are however served cold and eaten with the fingers along with breads, butters, cheeses, pies and salads, to name a few.

Usually served with a cold one and/or some akvavit or brännvin (a flavored spirit) along with a festive attitude with songs and costumes of sorts. Hats, bibs and decorations of “Man on the Moon” and lanterns are typical. Maybe you remember the lovely homemade hats that my friends made of the Crayfish Party a couple of years ago???

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